Rhino Mud is a men's skincare brand that uses only cold-pressed, active botanicals to provide healing and age-fighting relief to men's skin. I interned for Rhino Mud and was mainly responsible for ad creatives and web graphics.
I had a lot of creative freedom and I really appreciated the active, cool vibe of the brand. I stayed close to their brand colors and worked with the marketing team to create engaging copy that made sense with the photos and format. My creatives ended up having a 26% higher click-through-rate than the previous campaign.
For the website I added graphics and helped format some harmony into the sale propositions that were a bit copy heavy/crowded. Designing for this skincare company was a challenge because of the expectation of clean, super zen graphics. I relied heavily on market research which inspired me to put rectangles of landscapes behind the different products to invoke thoughts of nature and illustrate how the skincare was more active and could moisturize even in the Sahara desert, the arctic tundra or even out surfing. 
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