Illfound is a concrete home goods startup that specializes in brutalist, functional decor. As co-founder, I designed the logo and used product sketches and photos to create graphics for the Etsy storefront, packing slips, stickers, mugs, and apparel.
Illfound started selling in January, 2024 and our sales have been increasing 40% month-over-month. Our only marketing so far is the SEO'd products showing up on google and our Etsy ad campaign which is reliant on competitive graphics. We attribute our growing success on the growing production value of our creatives. 
The business was always going to be brutalist and so when first designing the logo I tried to adhere to bauhaus principles though I deviated a bit. It helped to create small graphics of potential products like these coffee filter holders to build inspiration.
Beyond graphical design, I used Shapr3D and Blender to create 3D product designs that I could send to mold manufacturers. 
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