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Hey there! I'm a content creator and designer Based here in Austin, TX. Below is a chronological catalog of my past projects and clients. 
​​​​​​​Illfound is a concrete homewares business I started with my brother in January. After starting to sell in January of 2024, we have since designed, made, and sold our first range of products including coasters, wine holders, pen holders, and coffee filter holders. A big part of my time on the business is building the instagram. We started posting consistently when we had our soft launch and it's slow but steady growth.
26,577 Accounts Reached Feb 1 - Apr 30 (90 Days)
4,664 Accounts Reached Apr 24 - Apr 30 (7 Days)
Engagement Increase of .5% (From 1.6% at 90 Days to 2.2% at 7 Days)
I post one reel every week day with the exception of posting on weekends for pop-up markets. Because of the nature of the business, working with concrete and making it by hand, I've spent a lot of time developing a reel style around the DIY nature of our products and that seems to garner the most interactions and views. I've also created reels that are more focused on the product photography side of things or the design side and they haven't done as well but I attribute that to Instagram's algorithm standardizing our audience to people who are more interested in the DIY side. 
With this landscape, the plan is to maintain the scheduled content with the expectation that once we create more visually striking & more useful products (currently our product line isn't the most exciting) we will naturally grow in viewership and create an intrigue factor that retains followers. 
Here are just a few examples of designs and photos that I have also produced for the business to be engaged in marketing materials or the website. 
Bethel Remodels
Bethel Remodels is a contracting company that specializes in reliable service and fair prices. I helped them strategize their social media marketing and rebuild their website to attract more leads with search engine optimization and specified keywords.
I worked closely with Constantino, the owner, to design a brand image that he liked and then put a starting brand package together that he could start with and grow from. This included a few ad creatives, facebook banner and logo, and a validated posting strategy. 
After doing some market research of contractors and social engagement I found that authentic content about his most recent jobs led to more leads. I gave him a brief with examples of other contractors that were seeing good growth and we discussed the trust factor that comes with posting your jobs in a clear and authentic way. Here is an example of the company keeping up with this posting strategy:
Rhino Mud
Rhino Mud Skincare is a men's skincare company the uses all active botanical ingredients to provide unrivaled moisturizing, anti-aging benefits. I interned for Rhino Mud as a marketing intern and was responsible for building my own meta ad campaign from scratch with guidance and help from the marketing team. This campaign was optimized for conversions 
2.50% CTR
Here is the final ad I put together for the company:
the ad set did 2.02% CTR and cost $0.38 per click.
Beyond the video ad, I photographed, designed, and wrote the copy for some image ads to split test messaging. My best performing ad in the ad set did 2.02% CTR and cost $0.38 per click. 
Here are the designs I had that were all contenders for the ad spot but weren't engaged due to underperformance. I took the floating tray photo but the other photos were part of the company's stock of images.
Lastly, I was tasked with helping the web development team rebrand the site. This included putting together potential banner designs, adding blogs to target new keywords and brainstorming graphic design features. 
One idea I had was to put rectangles of harsh environments behind the products to make them pop but also illustrate where the product can be used to moisturize. The idea is that "If you're in the arctic tundra or the Sahara desert you can rely on Rhino Mud to help protect your skin"